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What’s in a Name?

Reveiller® Veterinary Clinic derives its name from the French word “Reveiller,” which means “to awaken.” Our goal is to awaken you to the possibilities of attentive, personal health care for your feline or canine loved one. Arrange an appointment with our staff to see our care in action.

General Practices

Schedule a pet check-up with our caring, experienced veterinarian.

Boarding Options

Board your cat or dog with the professionals in our clinic.

Dental Health

Keep your pet’s teeth healthy with our veterinarian’s care.


Arrange for spay and neuter services for your puppy, kitten or adult pet.

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Pet Care in Lafayette, LA

When you’re searching for a veterinarian to take care of your cat or dog in Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas, you can rely on Dr. Broussard of Reveiller Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Broussard and our staff will take our time to give your cat or dog the care they deserve, whether your pet needs a simple check-up or a surgical procedure.

With this range of options, we will help your pet feel great from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail. Call 337-234-0039 now to schedule an appointment at our clinic.

Trust a Veterinarian With Experience in Lafayette, LA

Arrange for Spay and Neuter Services for Your Puppy, Kitten or Adult pet.
Dr. Broussard Brings 30 Years of Experience to Your Cat or Dog’s Care

Find Out Why You Should Choose Reveiller® Veterinary Clinic

Reveiller® Veterinary Clinic will give your furry family member the care they need to feel their best yet. Our clinic is led by Dr. Broussard, a veterinarian with more than 30 years of experience who’s passionate about friendly, compassionate service.

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