Boarding Options

Searching for Cat or Dog Boarding in Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas?

Board Your Pet With the Caring Professionals at Reveiller Veterinary Clinic

When you’re seeking a boarding facility for your cat or dog, you’re looking for a comfortable environment where people with reliable pet care skills will take care of your furry loved one.

In Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas, that cat and dog boarding facility is Reveiller® Veterinary Clinic. Our clinic is headed by a veterinarian with more than 30 years of experience and staffed by trained professionals, so your pet will be in good hands. Call 337-234-0039 to ask a staff member about boarding at a vet clinic.

Find Out About Our Boarding Services

Our clinic hosts pets during the day, overnight and over extended periods. You can use our cat and dog boarding services to board your pet during a day of home remodeling, a brief trip out of town or a move to a new home.

To help your pet feel more at home, bring your pet’s favorite toys and bedding when you arrive for scheduled boarding. Get in touch with us now for more information about boarding at a vet clinic.