Dental Health

Dental Health

Dealing With Next-Level Dog Breath?

Schedule Animal Dental Health Care For Your Buddy in Lafayette, LA Serving Youngsville, Carencro, and Scott

Maybe you were playing with your panting dog in Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas when you noticed her strong breath. Maybe you saw a red spot on your cat’s gums when he yawned. No matter what animal dental health issue you’ve noticed, vets that do teeth cleaning should examine it.

Take your pet to Reveiller® Veterinary Clinic, where a vet with more than 30 years of experience will give your pet a thorough examination and give you a recommendation for care.

When it comes to animal dental health, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If your pet hasn’t been attended to by vets that do teeth cleaning in years, it’s time to schedule an appointment. Call 337-234-0039 today.

When Should Your Pet Receive Dental Care?

It can be hard to know when your pet needs dental care if you don’t observe something unusual, but you can rely on the advice of an experienced veterinarian.

You should plan a dental check-up for your pet when:

Dental Health