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Is It Time for Spaying or Neutering?

Use the spay and neuter or surgical services of Reveiller Veterinary Clinic in Lafayette, LA

You might be tempted to let this wait until your pet is older, but using spay and neuter services before your pet reaches adulthood is an important part of caring for your pet in Lafayette, LA. Use the services of Reveiller Veterinary Clinic, a local animal surgery clinic with an experienced veterinarian.

Find out how spaying or neutering helps your pet

Spay and neuter services don't only keep pets from having puppies or kittens that can't be cared for. They also protect pets' health.

Spaying or neutering your pet prevents:

Dangerous roaming and aggression
Testicular cancer in male pets
Some breast and uterine conditions in female pets

At Reveiller Veterinary Clinic, a board-certified surgeon performs these beneficial surgeries.

Seeking other veterinary surgical services?

Call 337-234-0039 to speak with a staff member of our animal surgery clinic today. We'll help you arrange for the services your pet needs. If we can't help, we can recommend a clinic that can.